Inside The Darkness

I have tried to live my life an exceptional opportunity, a human being with permission to fail.   When last I found myself in a cry, I wondered again, as so many times in my life, when will I find a way to die.   There is certain exhaustion inside a beautiful skyline we canContinue reading “Inside The Darkness”

Safe Sensuality

In rest draped she in white linen feel her sweet desire skin upon skin eyes appear at peace quiet to night forever could passion feel as she might.   As Sarah croons in the background think always she is tucked in the sound the feel, defined breathing upon my chest the sensuality she once describedContinue reading “Safe Sensuality”

A Lover’s Demise

Have you heard of spinning out, the idea of losing it, a similar reaction to finding yourself surrounded by fire in a burning bedroom, there are no options, the only out is to keep breathing, but love doesn’t wait, won’t let me catch a breath, instead the irrational nature of pleading will help the demiseContinue reading “A Lover’s Demise”