If I Could Choose Death

If rather than the label more the concept if could it be easier we get ahead of the presses until the months afterwards maybe even years let the pedestal rise rather than fall ill inside such is instability in the throes of love.   Instead of wondering anymore maybe conversations could begin all the gotchasContinue reading “If I Could Choose Death”

A Forbidden Fantasy

For how often in our lives have we been tongue-tied unable to meet the grasp of  telling truths belied.   In a city of millions where to hide is to walk in sight when all of our lives, and dreams go quiet in the night.   We did in once, realize the truth of ourContinue reading “A Forbidden Fantasy”

Wish Might Believe

Wish we believe the sentiment we express, the humanity of obligation, the thrill of matrimony, the tools of taking action. ~ Wish we believe love is real, such is the passion of our appeal that journey, a mountain seeking such valley. ~ Wish we believe in our heart, the validity of a soul drawn insideContinue reading “Wish Might Believe”