Eyes Open Twilight

I just watched the second hand cross the midnight hour, we’ve entered morning now, I’m awake, I haven’t any idea how to sleep with all that is happening inside my mind, piano solos in the background help me find some peace maybe a reflection of some kind.   I have a soft heart easily bruisedContinue reading “Eyes Open Twilight”

Time Is A Reveal

We walk the plank, sort of speak, our lives fragile, often at the tipping point, where we decide we want more, we wish for something, someone, we would desire a quiet happiness.   In the absence of our fears, we know the drama, stated cultural mores that might determine happiness instead of fantasy.   OrContinue reading “Time Is A Reveal”

Delayed Reaction

Feel the grip as it slackens every aspect of this world crumbling, a reality not listened to, never wished, never believed, only feeling like the festering abandon beyond any possibility to repair.   Have to wonder what fixing means, when a wandering soul hasn’t a ledge to find enough freedom to jump. Perhaps it mightContinue reading “Delayed Reaction”

A Forbidden Fantasy

For how often in our lives have we been tongue-tied unable to meet the grasp of  telling truths belied.   In a city of millions where to hide is to walk in sight when all of our lives, and dreams go quiet in the night.   We did in once, realize the truth of ourContinue reading “A Forbidden Fantasy”

A Walk Inside Conversation

I found my quiet on a rainy night, windows crying a typical why, my mind reeling with a wondering eye what might her words tonight underly. ~ I cannot predict a tear doesn’t matter really where, a moment in time suspend my eyes become water no end. ~ I wish I might understand mystery whatContinue reading “A Walk Inside Conversation”

Wish Might Believe

Wish we believe the sentiment we express, the humanity of obligation, the thrill of matrimony, the tools of taking action. ~ Wish we believe love is real, such is the passion of our appeal that journey, a mountain seeking such valley. ~ Wish we believe in our heart, the validity of a soul drawn insideContinue reading “Wish Might Believe”