A Series of Haiku – Being

once inside a dream a door shut without a scream then I was a meme   I stood alone then wondering wishing we when skies clearly defend   should my vision die would could I forever cry life is not a lie   today I found a dream it would then always seem life isContinue reading “A Series of Haiku – Being”

Peace of Mind

A friend has always said to me, you have to put yourself first, find your peace of mind, discover who you really are, and allow yourself to be. This coming from a person who willingly beats herself up psychologically to such a degree I sometimes fear she may no longer see the compassion I willContinue reading “Peace of Mind”

A Rush of Identity

When one realizes a mistake, like walking in the rain unprepared, it is a simple gesture to eventually accept being water laden in minutes, though this is temporary, there are other moments define our identity excruciating exercises when a hopeful humiliation will be enough for the instigator make change.   We live amongst perfection andContinue reading “A Rush of Identity”

What You Know

Funny how waking up can sometimes cause more pain than we might ever want to realize … an old basketball injury, that’s all it is, a swollen knee, tangible evidence what really defines pain in our lives.   Leave the head alone, I won’t let you come inside, though I do give you hints ofContinue reading “What You Know”