Rest My Weary Eyes

I do begin a day with a damp reminder of shedding tears in a dream a night when I might scream, if awake to feel the emotional disorder of my life like a knife cutting through every element as I might breathe, countless days holding hope in an empty sheathe. ~ If for a momentContinue reading “Rest My Weary Eyes”


Safe Sensuality

In rest draped she in white linen feel her sweet desire skin upon skin eyes appear at peace quiet to night forever could passion feel as she might.   As Sarah croons in the background think always she is tucked in the sound the feel, defined breathing upon my chest the sensuality she once describedContinue reading “Safe Sensuality”

This Time of Year

I’d like her to know how familiar this time of year is to me. I wonder if it is for her, I would only be able to imagine those moments when we might both take a pause and suggest to one another life has similar nostalgia. The walks, the leaves turning. Standing in the gravelContinue reading “This Time of Year”