Wondering Where

She does come to mind on a beautiful afternoon, there is some memory of passion under the moon.   When in the break of day, I will always remember in a fond manner, those melodies so much sweeter.   Notion of love understood beyond complication will always favor in wonder of our imagination.   SometimesContinue reading “Wondering Where”

Coming to Terms

The foreshadowing left me buried in blankets in morning light felt there was little ahead that would let me forget what might.   These are the days ahead when I would join a traveling path where all of our misgivings were left to be only ancient wrath   In the woods, the serenity of blowingContinue reading “Coming to Terms”

Craziness in Remission

Oh to be there might be profound lost in circumstance passion unfound Would that the nature of need respond in sweet magic, though logic well beyond. We live lives we wish we would advance yet too often we scale the walls of chance Fingernails bleed in the throes release inside own mind begins first ourContinue reading “Craziness in Remission”

Without Prompt

Ask me, wait, that could be, the, issue no one would ever, we tend to walk away, not malice, fear, trepidation, honor, if for a moment, a glimpse into our hearts, would we maybe see that love is a necessary response in live our lives, whenever we want to know, perhaps it is then weContinue reading “Without Prompt”

This Time of Year

I’d like her to know how familiar this time of year is to me. I wonder if it is for her, I would only be able to imagine those moments when we might both take a pause and suggest to one another life has similar nostalgia. The walks, the leaves turning. Standing in the gravelContinue reading “This Time of Year”