The Final Days

Someone told me recently, it is time for a celebration. I was standing with the paperwork in my hands. I felt more like a lost loved one, had finally passed after a lengthy illness. I mean, even though life had checked out for well over a decade, the reality of the signed documents left meContinue reading “The Final Days”

Speaking of Love

I was thinking about you the other day, well I suppose every day. Nothing really changes in our lives. My life. I suppose I need to clear up the misconception. I don’t speak for you, only myself. I know what I feel is real, and it tells me everything I wish I might share withContinue reading “Speaking of Love”

Delayed Reaction

Feel the grip as it slackens every aspect of this world crumbling, a reality not listened to, never wished, never believed, only feeling like the festering abandon beyond any possibility to repair.   Have to wonder what fixing means, when a wandering soul hasn’t a ledge to find enough freedom to jump. Perhaps it mightContinue reading “Delayed Reaction”