A Rush of Identity

When one realizes a mistake, like walking in the rain unprepared, it is a simple gesture to eventually accept being water laden in minutes, though this is temporary, there are other moments define our identity excruciating exercises when a hopeful humiliation will be enough for the instigator make change.   We live amongst perfection andContinue reading “A Rush of Identity”

Dear …

Dear … I’ve come to find in recent weeks, my pushing the envelope is no longer tolerated, by me. There is always question in my mind the resonate nature of need, though it is a bit frightening to suddenly wake one day and realize, my own persistence in letting you shelve the endearment once apparentContinue reading “Dear …”

Some Words on Mental Health

Prologue This is my first post in mental health. I created this offshoot site to have a little privacy with my thoughts though I am not that familiar with WordPress to know exactly how private my posts may be. My hope would be that anyone happening upon these words find some value for themselves, aContinue reading “Some Words on Mental Health”