People Get Close

We say things, give someone our darkest concerns walk away head up believing we have done the right thing.   We say things give someone our closest dreams walk away imagine only the worst and wonder why.   Why is it we cannot live life what is the reason we squirm when the beauty ofContinue reading “People Get Close”

I Would Though I Cannot

I stood on a bridge the biting chill freezing exposed skin hands wrapped clinging to a streetlight behind me my body hangs forward glancing upon ice tears finding open space where in moments might I disappear my boots heels on the metal base the streetlight my toes planted on snow one shift and a slip.Continue reading “I Would Though I Cannot”

Speaking of Love

I was thinking about you the other day, well I suppose every day. Nothing really changes in our lives. My life. I suppose I need to clear up the misconception. I don’t speak for you, only myself. I know what I feel is real, and it tells me everything I wish I might share withContinue reading “Speaking of Love”