Remember listening, when the summer winds turn gale, remind lives home is shelter beyond the norm no longer visible is more a reflection of dreams, the sub-conscious plays tricks upon all of our seems, wants, desires to understand passion its compelling draw within the heart the soul each aspect of our lives, the times weContinue reading “Misunderstood”


In Respect To A Day

I look out a window see the fresh dew of morning, imagine the events ahead where might autumn rays take me.   Drive down the avenue, so many similar landscapes the leaves have turned more even since the night before.   Let my mind seek some shelter in the recesses of memory, those synaptic charges,Continue reading “In Respect To A Day”

This Time of Year

I’d like her to know how familiar this time of year is to me. I wonder if it is for her, I would only be able to imagine those moments when we might both take a pause and suggest to one another life has similar nostalgia. The walks, the leaves turning. Standing in the gravelContinue reading “This Time of Year”