Sweet Muse, Missing Peace

This piece of life

once taken for granted

continue forward

only if we believe.

In a swift moment

beautiful summer sky

could snarl fervent unpredictability.

Much like the love of a woman

a naked shoulder

invites soft lips

become sheltered

a caution to memory.

Much like the love of a woman

she does deserve

each moment of sweet harmony

to know her lovely eyes

and smile

a vulnerable life

I would this song

for my life

rest upon a sweeter dimension

of love.

©️ Scott F Savage 8/2020


When Once

Her eyes would shine in an evening moonlight,

for the remainder of our lives we might

remember forever this night,

ours was the beauty of knowing love is right.


If I could ever retrace the steps that brought us love,

oh to know the course of time,

the words, the actions that suggest this forever,

our love is an eternal flame, a nostalgic romance.


Life is chance filled with automatic and random,

those indifferences that could level a kingdom

when what she believed he felt perhaps was humdrum,

oh if only he’d let go of pride and tossed away his fiefdom


We the creatures of habit who implore upon our fortune

to be the one that matter, far and lost when is opportune.

Rest My Weary Eyes

I do begin a day with a damp reminder

of shedding tears in a dream

a night when I might scream,

if awake to feel the emotional disorder

of my life

like a knife

cutting through every element as I might breathe,

countless days holding hope in an empty sheathe.


If for a moment we all might travel backward,

have another view, another chance

those changes we would sure enhance

to gift us a better light, without the years absurd.


Having hollered at the moon, and begging for the sun

while dipping below the horizon to give me one

opportunity to replay the old tapes in my head,

those I would cling to rather than ever get ahead.

One time I can vividly remember the epiphany

the simple solution to the troubles that so many

of our lives are built around due to economy

lost inside the aching heart, lost soul – is me


We walked outside in the rain, common our lives

hide the tears, let the world seem far less alive.

© Scott F Savage 8/2020