When Once We Could Fly

We heard a soft sound,

a beckoning whisper

hers is a sweet lullaby

simple and free.


We knew life so abound

our every move, a stir

in a quiet, hushed rhapsody

of love, you and me.


Oh to capture the truth in such melody

To know our hearts our passion a remedy


We knew would be our albatross

a slow and stirring flight

through foggy nights,

and morning autumn breeze.


We cried a tear as emotions cross

yet still winds of passion fight,

forever this our lover’s plight,

we could, might know its gentle ease.


Oh to capture the truth in such melody

to know our hearts, a love speak sensuality.

Wish Might Believe

Wish we believe the sentiment we express,

the humanity of obligation,

the thrill of matrimony,

the tools of taking action.


Wish we believe love is real,

such is the passion of our appeal

that journey,

a mountain seeking such valley.


Wish we believe in our heart,

the validity of a soul

drawn inside a world so

filled with strength and desire.


Wish we believe our love is true,

no obstacle might step inside,

a dream, a natural travel

beyond the realm of mechanics.


Wish we believe such is the elegance

of knowing a person so deeply

that nothing, nothing at all,

can interfere with such Grace.


Wish might believe, we, I do

Wish might believe! i do …

Sweet Resilience

We do live a testing ground,

a question of compassion,

a drive toward some genuine



We are within the world clear

if when the fog lifts we find

some peace in our giving

state of mind.


When last I spoke to harmony

the melody soothe my soul

I could dance alone in the street

without conscious reflection


We are within the world clear

when love we know is held dear.