Inside The Darkness

I have tried to live my life

an exceptional opportunity,

a human being

with permission to fail.


When last I found myself in a cry,

I wondered again,

as so many times in my life,

when will I find a way to die.


There is certain exhaustion

inside a beautiful skyline

we can forget I do

how precious the world of love can be.


Need to step out of myself,

especially now,

our world is burning,

the America I’ve always known.


I felt the powder keg

the simmering loss of hope,

needing a trigger,

to explore a need.


Found myself feeling helpless

wondering what,

when will our lives

ever measure.


Those darkest times slam my entire life from childhood,

Oh listen to the hypocrisy of my tears outside their hood.

© Scott F Savage 6/2020


Published by a quiet man

I am a writer. I've always wanted to write intriguing words. Don't we all. Aren't we all wanting to be experts in the language of love, sensuality, desire, provocative notions? Well, I'm giving it a try. Join me if you'd like, and please share any feedback you think would help my adventure :)

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