These Are Darker Nights

artist's point

Tell people you are ok,

look outside,

it is all normal,

the passing day,

tomorrow will be the same,

the next, the next, next time,

flowers will begin to bloom

the only simple truth is

normal will remain,

these are darker nights,

lived with them, embraced them most of my life,

my longest line of truth,

what does it matter,

if a person cannot

find that happiness within themselves

why continue

to hurt others with such

visible pain.


Then there is the afterward

we haven’t any idea,

nor do we need to care,

we are dead,

so everything fits into place

life becomes human,

all regrets aside,

maybe there is happiness

on the other side.


Perhaps that exhaustion

expressed in moments of fear,

really is the truth,

maybe there isn’t a solution

even though every

psychologist paid their extra dime,

would protest

believing otherwise.


They have this thing called a

wellness check,

sort of a temporary solution,

offers happiness and

bright lights

a caring manual

to slow down the fright,

but I haven’t found

the perfect script

to play it all out,

out …

out on an empty stage.

©sfs ©tba ©the ‘b’ series



Published by a quiet man

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