If we could reply with timing …

So lest we forget the charm of our compassion is real when certainly in need. I once knew a woman in my younger years whom together we wrote a letter to each other at least once a week – this was during the time of real mail, waiting for days to see if the mailman held that letter in his bundle as he or she approached the door. We did this for years, and those times are some of the more nostalgic of my life.

So now today we are in a different time. I wish I had the patience to wait and hope rather than hope and react. In a world of texts and instant messages and email, there is no question the authenticity of time is impacted by the haste of the human condition. For that I am terribly sorry. So for this that might be a series of letters I’m going to write replies to letters that will never be sent, only found if realized or desired … two explanations in format, the ellipse will be used both to express love and a span of time.

letter one – december 27th, 2019

You were in my thoughts all of yesterday afternoon, and into last evening.  My heart broke to hear the worry and doubts you are going through, what will become of this, and yet your message to me last evening holds hope.
I know there is a long road ahead, but there is light at the end and so many possibilities in the future that awaits you. In this and through this You will find a person that you were meant to become. That person will be stronger and wiser and have so much more to offer themselves and the world.
I do appreciate you understanding my trepidation. You are in a different place, as am I, but I am here to offer you friendship, an ear to listen, and sometimes a little perspective.
Be kind to yourself, and have faith in the compassion of others,
Dearest …
I was in a place last evening that I didn’t anticipate and I hope to never return again. The very fact that you were there for me kept me holding onto a certain feeling of hope. I realize though the complication of your support, friendship, love, and suspect that will have more bearing upon me in the coming weeks than anything else might in this new adjustment.
I think knowing you are there for me helps me get through the day, it offers me a glimpse into what might be my future, I cannot say our future because that will be unfair to you and from this day forward I need you to understand that only your presence in mind is what I do ask of you. Your communication pulls me through the darker periods of my life, and without that I don’t honestly know where I would be.
I have given you difficult days in the past, and you have come back. I cannot promise there will be less difficult days ahead, I know there will be, but I do hope your understanding will allow you to keep returning in some form.
I am ever so grateful.

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