What You Know

Funny how waking up

can sometimes cause more pain than we

might ever want to realize …

an old basketball injury,

that’s all it is,

a swollen knee,

tangible evidence

what really defines pain in our lives.


Leave the head alone,

I won’t let you come inside,

though I do give you hints of something,

somehow, someway

you are on my mind

and it’s nothing to do with

ramming my knee into the wall.


Maybe you feel like I play you,

with my words,

my curiosities of what it might be like,

without you, me, anything that has to do with

what we were never supposed

to be.

I play that over and over in my head,

‘just be’

forget about everything else

(forget about me)

take the time you need

and try to let yourself

find forgiveness,

let yourself



I woke this morning in tears,

I dreamt about you last night,

but when my eyes opened,

nothing seemed familiar,

not even that hopeful glance at my phone,

would tell me you were there,

I don’t even look anymore,

just makes me

feel a little bit ill.


I’m sure that is not how you would wish for me

to be

© Scott F Savage 5/2020

the ‘b’ series


Published by a quiet man

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