This Time of Year

I’d like her to know how familiar this time of year is to me. I wonder if it is for her, I would only be able to imagine those moments when we might both take a pause and suggest to one another life has similar nostalgia. The walks, the leaves turning. Standing in the gravel on a cold morning creating our own fantasy of love and time in each other’s arms.

I try to understand how compelling she is in my life. It is not meant as a need for understanding as much as it is recognizing my life will go on forever and she will be with me that entire time. I will give her what she wants, and yet, I will always be here, waiting, wondering, hoping that she is ok. I will always want to know what is happening in her life, and rely upon the glimpse she might feel willing to give me from time to time.

I will always understand this concept of love is meant to create puzzles in our mind as we are left living composed and moral lives. Ours, in a measure in a different society might be acceptable. All we can do is remind ourselves, that love really is true to our heart and mind. Love has touched my soul.

© Scott F Savage 2019


Published by a quiet man

I am a writer. I've always wanted to write intriguing words. Don't we all. Aren't we all wanting to be experts in the language of love, sensuality, desire, provocative notions? Well, I'm giving it a try. Join me if you'd like, and please share any feedback you think would help my adventure :)

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