Waking Wanting

Seems a common attribute

in the life of a man, a woman,

a dog, a pet, cat, animal in the wood.


We are all seemingly looking,

wishing, imagining, decisions made

upon what feels right,

what it is that speaks to our being

in the moment.


In the quiet of a soft rain,

we would recall her smile,

the water dripping off a

stylish rain jacket, hood,

one he knew she might wear

on a glorious summer afternoon,

and still,

his heart would beat,

at the beauty cast within his eyes.


Oh to know the true grace behind elegance

is to cast off the misnomers,

those shadows sought in silence.


Instead we could have a sigh,

just our own,

meant for no one else,

she might take note,

except we would suggest,

of the love her grace

will offer his own

peace of mind.


We might wander when

love’s shadow becomes our own.


© Scott F Savage 2019


Published by a quiet man

I am a writer. I've always wanted to write intriguing words. Don't we all. Aren't we all wanting to be experts in the language of love, sensuality, desire, provocative notions? Well, I'm giving it a try. Join me if you'd like, and please share any feedback you think would help my adventure :)

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