An Angry Man

Oh one might think


a callous nature

nothing beyond a looming storm

meant for destruction

old oak now rests in

her dining room

such is rage

out of control

yet a natural event

would suggest

helpless reprieve.


Real is the anger

remains inside our body

not at all meant toward

hurting another

only an indication

who carries such fury

get their shit together

before suffrage

condemns those living lives

amongst each other.


©️ Scott F Savage 10/2029

These Traveled Trails

A familiar place,

would be so near my eyes

I’d have to stop and look around

see the trees, shelters near by,

a place we might see skis

or bicycles moving by,

while the two of us,

you and,

me and,

we could be together there


I’d reach out and touch your shoulder,

your smile that energy that wave of wonder

would electrify the air around me,

us, around us,

it really would be us out there

with the forest nearby,

able to mute the dialogue that would

tear us apart,

if we just we keep looking at the trees,

all the leaves, the wilderness,

no answers there,

just the beauty,

you and me,

the trees …

and then,

came along a sudden breeze

sentient sensations

you and me.

© Scott F Savage 9/2020

Stand With Me

Nearby stands a soul

whole would be a gift

drift upon the sea eddy

a mystique exists beyond

the reach of one humanity

instead all speculation

water is a splash of wonder

cause the eye to fantasize

just how important

and why

and when

and how

will any of this ever affect

my life as it is

capable only of

a gathering of wood

the smoke in the air,

a campfire nostalgia

makes me remember

a wanton desire

to hold her hand nearby,

all the faces we could see

if the light of the fire

would flicker our way,

could they really wonder

about you and me,

or is it just seeing their own

expressions of judgment

caused everyone in their own

perpetual quiet

to wonder out loud,

in their sweet apparent


Are we all this pre-arranged.

© Scott F Savage 8/2020